​If You Want To Know How Good/Great You Are, Show Yourself To The World.

I had a free day today, and as part of my schedules I preplanned to write an article before the day ended. I did all sort of things during the day with my pen and diary right beside me expectating to have an idea of what to write about, yet there was nothing convincing enough. I took a nap, and when I woke up I received a message from my younger brother, and it reads; you wrote all those things on your page from your mind. You did great. You are a grammarian. I was shocked yet I thanked him and I tried to convince him that the same way he could compose and sing all sort of songs which I can no way sing, I can also write. He laughed, and said yours is different, we are talking about English. I was forced to surrender and accept whatever he said because anything I said wouldn’t have mattered anyway, he had his mind made up about me, I just ended up convincing him to learn hard to know how to speak English like I do.

My little brother, I don’t know even if I qualify to call him little because he’s such a great kid, multi talented and all sort of things. Casting my mind back, I wouldn’t dare compare myself to him, even at this age, except for the fact that I have a higher education and more experiences in life than he has.

This short interaction with him gave me the whole idea of showing yourself to the world, and when I say that, I mean be yourself and bring to life that idea you have and had always wanted to start.

I have a very good friend who no matter what she thinks of what she does, I see her as a great business woman, I mean she’s just good at what she does. There was a time I purchased something from her on credit, she took her debtors book out and was about to write my name in there, I tried to convince her not to do that because after all she knew me and I wasn’t running away, she insisted she had to and told me this ” we don’t run a business that way.” That is the spirit of great achievers, doing what is supposed to be done. You might see what she does as a small business but she’s very enthusiastic about it. She went as far as using the proceeds from her business to pay her fees, not because her parents couldn’t afford, No! But because she’s good at what she does. I wouldn’t last a day in business, I’ll consume the Money before I realize it. I wouldn’t have written about her today if she didn’t expose herself to the world by starting a business.

I’ve gotten to a point where whether or not I’m good at what I do,it doesn’t really matter anymore, what matters is there are people out there who see greatness in what I do.

Before I finish, I want you to always remember this quote by me ” There is nothing like a small idea, what there is is small, little or no effort.”

Thank you.

By: Daniel K. Selormey

Email: danielkselormey@gmail.com


Published by: DMQuotes

I am a young man of 22years. I am a student at the moment, studying Public Relations Management in the UPSA. I have the passion to write, talk and motivate, and I want to influence the small world around me the little way I can.

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