A Step Closer To Perfection

Becoming whole or perfect in life has been preached to us to be very much impossible unless there is a heavenly intervention. As far as we relate to different people each brand new day in our lives this philosophy will seem very true to us because we may try as much as possible to stay positive, optimistic or objective about life and other people but we will still compare and contrast what we see in other people. We look deeper into people’s lives to see flaws and sniff them out.

If there is something I’ve realized in life, it is our inability to accept negative comments uttered about us in good fate just because they are negative. Negative comments are meant to shape our lives. When we receive compliments, this is what it means; you did great or you are doing great, keep it up. Negative comments on the other hand tell us to take a break and look at what we are doing. Getting furious isn’t the answer.

It takes others to see in us what we sometimes don’t see in ourselves. The eyes see everything around us but not what’s within us. This gives the impression that we may think we know ourselves more than any other person but in actual fact we don’t always. I am not saying this to make you think that what people think about you will always be true or superior to your thinking, peoples perceptions about you does not determine who you are.  The love we have for others is not determined by us, but by the people we show love to, the warmth and care they feel around us gives them the idea that they are being loved.

I believe that you’ll get a step closer to perfection when you accept any negative thing said about you, not debunk them totally, but rather look into them whether or not they are true, and make them guidelines for your life. If someone thinks I’m arrogant or disrespectful, I’ll make it a point to be respectful. This action alone will help us fill the gaps we have in our lives.

Thank you.

By: Daniel K. Selormey

Email: danielkselormey.gmail.com 


Published by: DMQuotes

I am a young man of 22years. I am a student at the moment, studying Public Relations Management in the UPSA. I have the passion to write, talk and motivate, and I want to influence the small world around me the little way I can.

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