​You Have All It Takes To Be Great.

If you are reading this post at this moment of your life and you have the intuition that money or education is what it takes to be great or successful in life, then I am here to contradict that thought. Money should be the least of your worries. What it takes to be great is your mind, your brain. 
The manifestation of everything you see today, in terms infrastructure or great/successful businesses  is a product of an individuals mind, and it didn’t cost a penny. All it took was one bright idea.

Microsoft didn’t start with money, neither did Apple, Facebook, and our own great African entrepreneur Dangote Cement start with a dime. All they had to do was to think and create something great with their own minds and they worked towards its manifestation. 

Education on the other hand does not make us great or rich in cash, but it enriches our mind(thought) to think big and create boundless things.

You live in the moment but I want to urge you to envision a future for yourself now, a future of absolute greatness with no money required but just with your brain, and watch it come to pass for you with the effort you invest into that thought day in day out. Create a future for yourself now, where people will say I knew this lady or gentleman back then, he or she was a mere person who used to move up and down but now he or she is doing great things, he or she is doing amazing things. 

I will finish by saying that attract for yourself with your mind what you want to be.

Thank you.

By: Daniel K. Selormey

Email: danielkselormey@gmail.com 


Published by: DMQuotes

I am a young man of 22years. I am a student at the moment, studying Public Relations Management in the UPSA. I have the passion to write, talk and motivate, and I want to influence the small world around me the little way I can.

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