​That Little Begining Matters, Don’t Give Up Yet.

Today, as I logged in into my WordPress account, wondering as to what to write about, nothing came to mind for sometime, and it was quite pathetic. I sat for about an hour, confused and thinking about the world, the things around me just to give me an idea of what to write. Then, something came to mind, WordPress, yes, the WordPress platform. I began to think of how big it is, and how it has pushed me and many other passionate writers forward in their line of work, the way it has exposed us to the world to exhibit our writing abilities. I may not know the owner or originator of the platform, but I know for sure it didn’t start big as it is today, it started as little as the conception of an idea. It definitely took time to get people on board to buy into his/her idea to make it the way it is now, same as many other big businesses we have around us. They started small, stood against the test of time, passed the test and they stand firm today, and we admire their impact.

Life is a process, same as many other things that come with it. We all have that moment in life when time puts us to test to see how patient, determined, and passion driven we are. Whether or not we pass this test determines what we bocome afterwards. You may be going through hard times, but that shouldn’t hold you back, it should make you stronger. You will be happy at the end, everything takes time.  A nice, and soft meal of rice was once in its comfort zone, raw, hard, and with no taste until it met heat, it didn’t give up the fight, but rather presented itself to the heat to become a great meal adored by many.

I will finish by letting you know that whenever you face hard times in life, consider yourself a cooking meal which will one moment or the other be delicious, so do not give up.

Thank you.

By: Daniel K. Selormey 

Email: danielkselormey@gmail 


Published by: DMQuotes

I am a young man of 22years. I am a student at the moment, studying Public Relations Management in the UPSA. I have the passion to write, talk and motivate, and I want to influence the small world around me the little way I can.

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