You Are Never Useless, You Were CREATED  To Serve A Purpose: The Beauty Of Existence.

I do not know whether you are an atheist or a theist, but I’m quite sure you have a brief idea of what the creation story is all about. The creation story that is believed happened centuries ago within six days. Essentially, I don’t believe in the stories of evolution, neither do I believe the big bang theories, what I believe is we(you and I) were created, well, that is why I find it accurate to write this piece.

Yes, I believe you were created, and I was created. I have tried to lay emphasis on create by giving it unique looks because my point is centered on it. Correct me if I’m wrong, when we talk about CREATION it connotes inventing or developing something to serve a purpose, in other words, bringing something into existence to serve a particular purpose, so, per my understanding nothing created can be rendered useless.

When you watch critically the creation story, it is believed that commands were given and things like the sun, moon, seas and what have you came into existence, but, on the last day, something happened, no command was given, but, human being,you and I were CREATED. That means per my understanding, you were designed or produced(created) to serve a purpose, just like cars and airplanes were made to ease the stress of travelling on foot to distant places and houses built to contain us and our belongings. The planes, cars and houses are merely man made things,they are not as smart as you are, yet, they never cease to serve their purpose, how much more YOU?

So the question I ask you today is, what is the purpose of your existence? The search for and identification of this life long purpose is what brings out the beauty of existence.

Well, it doesn’t matter if you haven’t identified it yet, because since you are alive and reading this piece today, you can start the search now, or maybe you are already searching, then I urge you to dig deeper. And if you are lucky enough to have identified yours already as you read this piece, then, I entreat you to hold on to it, and as you serve the desired purpose for your creation, be happy, because you are useful to the world and beyond.

If someone has not identified your usefulness to him or her does not mean you are useless entirely, you were created for a purpose regardless of what others think of(opinions) you, so live happily like never before, but never be lazy.

Thank you.

By Daniel K. Selormey



Published by: DMQuotes

I am a young man of 23years. I am a student at the moment, studying Public Relations Management in the UPSA. I have the passion to write, talk and motivate, and I want to influence the small world around me the little way I can.

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